Wednesday, October 04, 2006

so i've fallen this far ... looking this shit up ... i feel like a nice fat spinster lady with cats ... oh well

ARIES WOMAN: - "I AM Woman" is her theme song. She's modern, excited, driven, spirited and courageous. She uses the K.I.S.S. Method (Keep it simple stupid) while moving along her path. She'll choose the path of least resistance with minimal obstacles, drama or emotional overtures. She's single-minded in her pursuits and has a definitive plan to get to the place that she desires to be. Aries Woman is usually blazing her own trail in her signature entrepreneurial pursuits. It's seldom an Aries Woman will be working for anyone else except herself. She has brains, spunk and charm, which she channels into success and independence. This woman probably has more grit and gumption than you'll likely see in your Lifetime. She's born to lead and believe me, she will. She's incredibly intelligent and creative, so if you plan on keeping up with Miss Aries, you'd better have your act together. She's capable of jazzing up her own daily routines, so if you plan on entertaining her, you'd better get creative. Aries Woman certainly doesn't mind keeping Life simple and sacrificing the little luxuries in order to attain her goals. She will often involve herself in self-denial and forego the usual feminine luxuries while pursuing her ambitions.

The Aries Woman is often called a "man's woman" because she is more at ease with men, than women. She'll do what men do, go where men go and will never ask for a double standard. When it comes to sex; wooing and schmoozing are not required to draw out her desires. She is out to satisfy her own strong sex drive with whom, where and how she pleases with absolutely no apologies. Basically, the Aries Woman sees man as a sex object and that's her final answer. This woman has no flowery, romantic and gushy sense of Love because she really has no plans to fall in Love. Actually, this woman isn't trying to fall in Love, she's actually doing her best to avoid it all together. She's looking for the perfect man who is rugged, independent and who has minimal emotional needs. The bottom line is she's looking for a man with a strong and healthy libido. Aries Woman is typically attracted to men in uniforms, especially military. She's ruled by the planet Mars, so she's a warrior at heart. She enjoys fast, fun and furious adventure. That's your queue to get even more creative.

GEMINI MAN: - He's the entertainer and great communicator of the zodiac. He's a social butterfly, prankster and party-guy. He's also incredibly funny and often the center of attention. He has a knack for storytelling as he throws in his own witty side to the story. Since Gemini is a natural communicator, this man can talk you into or out of absolutely anything; not to mention he can talk himself into and out of any situation. His nickname could very well be "Inspector Gadget" because he is the "Gadget Guru." He Loves technical things especially if it has to do with communication; such as computers, cell phones, etc. Gemini Man often has a career in communication (TV or radio), reporting, journalism, writing, media, transportation or computer programming and software. He's the consummate salesmen and a news and information junkie. HE JUST WANTS TO KNOW! After all, Gemini is the brainiac sign of the zodiac and the more he can cram into his brain, the better. He's brilliant and probably a genius! He's known as the "Quintessential Insider" because he knows a little about everything.

Gemini Man enjoys figuring out puzzles and Loves having his brain slapped around, so the more you keep him guessing, the more he will be attracted to you. He's attracted to an intelligent mind above all else. He reads a lot and is attracted to reading material that has substance and purpose rather than trashing his mind with nonsense. He also enjoys conversation that has substance and purpose otherwise he'll just get bored and move on. If you want to communicate with this man and turn him on, try leaving him a hand "written" note and hide it in his pocket. Gemini's still appreciates the old art of letter writing and more than likely has nice penmanship. He's a spontaneous man who enjoys change and variety; not to mention a few surprises along the way. Keep him guessing and be the puzzle he cannot solve. You don't want this man to get bored with you. He's an air sign and Loves to fly around in airplanes flitting and fluttering around like a butterfly from one city to another. This man is capable of doing ANY TWO THINGS at once . . . ANY! . . . so you can only imagine what he's like in bed. Don't let this man get bored!

COUPLED-UP THEY ARE: - busy playing genius mind games with each other for sport and intellectually. Life is basically one big party!

These two signs are "sextile" each other which makes getting along fairly easy. They are Good for each other. "Sextile" means there is a 60° angle between the two signs. In other words, there is one sign in between Aries and Gemini (Taurus is between them).

Both individuals in this couple will move through Life quickly alone, much less being coupled up with one another. It doesn't matter what it is, they are two bouncing balls, bouncing around the planet. They are such an excitable couple that everything sounds like a Good time. They'll pick each other's brain until they pick an argument, then they forget about it two minutes later, turn to the other and ask, "Where do you wanna go eat?" Each will get bored as quickly as the other and the biggest glitch these two will run into is what will they do when they are BOTH bored. The Good news is this twosome are "thinkers." They are intellectuals and may even get to the point of communicating with each other without speaking. One may glance at their partner without speaking a word, while the other one says, "I know!" In the bedroom, the Gemini will be able to keep up with the charging ram.

IMPORTANT: It is VERY IMPORTANT to further investigate and compare your Rising Signs, Moon placements and Venus placements. The Moon is emotional; therefore, a cold moon coupled-up with a snuggling moon can change everything. A Venus placement that "Loves" to work coupled-up with a Venus placement that Loves to spend time with family can change everything. Rising Sign's dictate personality and outlook, so a Rising Sign that is more career focused coupled-up with a Rising Sign that is more spiritually focused can change everything.

Jaysus christ sounds damn familiar!

And so I wait on, unashamed ... you know where to find me