Monday, November 06, 2006

THE Biggest Fucking LIE Ever Told -- click
Would it be very tiresome of me to complain once again that I am (a) less than devastated by the ‘deleterious effects’ on the bleary-eyed internet porn ‘consumer’, and (b) dumbstruck by the urgency with which dudes yearn to perpetuate the legitimization of porn? The latter is a goal toward which an enormous branch of patriarchal ’scholarship’, word, and deed is devoted, since it can be accomplished only when culture manages to fully dehumanize women.

Yeah, yeah ... since when did I become such a rabid anti-patriarchal feminist and goody goody? "Rabid" since I fell in love with one of the seriously exploited, about seven years ago (check the mirror). That and the birth of T_____ twelve years ago.

Aren't you sick of these motherfuckers? You get a little cash and you give up your soul (not in the biblical sense; don't believe in that). Lesse, who was that sweet kid I met who used to get beat up all the time? Hmmmm ... Started with an "m", I think.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Five-year-old daughters of fun-lovin’ boob-jobbed sex-positive alcoholic moron Brits can look forward to a boffo sexay surprise under the Christmas tree this year. According to the Daily Mail, Tesco — the UK’s über-Wal-Mart and the 4th largest retailer in the world — is doing what any sensitive megacorp would do at this joyous holiday time: reminding little girls that they’re pieces of shit. In order to bring warmth to the hearts of the citizenry, they’d like to point out, to the tune of £50, what modern culture values most in its women. That’s right. They’ll be marketing a L’il Stripper Kit to the youngest members of the sex class.
Today's It's The Patriarchy, Stupid, Not Good Guys Like Me Moment:

Who's to blame for Pastor Haggard's fall from grace? His fat, lazy wife